Love is Your Weapon of Choice
2x06 - Love is Your Weapon of Choice
Vocals by Jemaine Clement
Bret McKenzie
Heard in Love Is a Weapon of Choice
Appearances By Jemaine Clemaine
Bret McClegnie
Love Is A Weapon Of Choice01:55

Love Is A Weapon Of Choice

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"Love is Your Weapon of Choice" was featured in the episode Love Is a Weapon of Choice and is performed by Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie.


Love is Your Weapon of Choice is sung when Bret challenges Jemaine to a duel for the love of Brahbrah. It pays homage to Bonnie Tyler's power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart".



Lyrics for Love is Your Weapon of Choice from Love Is a Weapon of Choice

Love, Is your weapon of choice / Love (Love) / Love (Love) / Love, It's your weapon of choice / Your invadin' my heart every time that I hear you voice / How I'm screaming of surrender, but you can't hear the answer of choice / Your a general shouting orders to your army / The command you are giving is so harming / Happy with love? / Because that is your weapon of choice

But what was that about last night / What do we have to fight / Your cocking my body with your kissing / Your caresses are your ammunition / Every-time you walk into my door / Your extending this war metaphor / Your leave me wounded, lying on the floor / I think I've seen this floor before

Love, that's your weapon of choice / Love (Love) / Love (Love) / Love, that's your weapon of choice

There's a battleship loaded with emotions / Crashing on the samurai ocean / And I'm afraid it is just as I feared / This ocean is made of my tears

Love is the weapon / Love is the weapon, / With which you choose to threaten / Love, Is your weapon of choice

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