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Bret Gives Up the DreamBret Gives Up the Dream/ImagesBret McKenzie
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Canine PepilepsyCanine Pepilepsy/ImagesCarol Brown
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Hurt Feelings/ImagesHurt Feelings (Reprise)Hurt Feelings (Reprise)/Images
I'm Not CryingI'm Not Crying/ImagesI Love Dogs with Epilepsy
I Love Dogs with Epilepsy/ImagesI Told You I Was FreakyIf You're Into It
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The Actor/ImagesThe Crazy Dogggz/ImagesThe Distant Future
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YokoYoko/ImagesYou Don't Have to be A Prostitute
You Don't Have to be A Prostitute/Images오! 그대여 춤추자오! 그대여 춤추자/Images
File:"Stay Cool" - Flight of the ConchordsFile:007.jpgFile:1x01 - I'm Not Crying.jpg
File:1x01 - Robots.jpgFile:1x01 - Sally.jpgFile:1x01 - The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.jpg
File:1x02 - Bret Gives Up the Dream.jpgFile:1x02 - Inner City Pressure.jpgFile:1x02 - Rock the Party.jpg
File:1x02 - She's So Hot, BOOM.jpgFile:1x03 - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous.jpgFile:1x03 - Mugged.jpg
File:1x03 - Think About It.jpgFile:1x04 - If You're Into It.jpgFile:1x04 - Pencils in the Wind.jpg
File:1x04 - She-Wolf.jpgFile:1x04 - Song for Coco.jpgFile:1x04 - Yoko.jpg
File:1x05 - Sally Returns.jpgFile:1x06 - Bowie.jpgFile:1x07 - Albi The Racist Dragon.jpg
File:1x07 - Drive By.jpgFile:1x07 - Mutha'uckas.jpgFile:1x08 - Girlfriends.jpg
File:1x09 - Mermaids.jpgFile:1x09 - What Goes on Tour.jpgFile:1x10 - New Fans.png
File:1x11 - Cheer Up Murray.jpgFile:1x11 - The Actor.pngFile:1x12 - Bret's Angry Dance.jpg
File:1x12 - Doggy Bounce.jpgFile:210 Evicted.pngFile:2x01 - Angels.jpg
File:2x01 - Femident Toothpaste.jpgFile:2x01 - Rejected.jpgFile:2x02 - Sugalumps.jpg
File:2x02 - You Don't Have to be A Prostitute.jpgFile:2x03 - Hurt Feelings.jpgFile:2x03 - Hurt Feelings Reprise.jpg
File:2x03 - Rap Is Not Very Good.jpgFile:2x03 - Stay Cool.jpgFile:2x04 - Friends.jpg
File:2x04 - Like In My Dreams.jpgFile:2x04 - Murray Takes It To The Next Level.jpgFile:2x05 - Carol Brown.jpg
File:2x05 - Do Australians Feel Love.jpgFile:2x05 - Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor.jpgFile:2x05 - Unnatural Love.jpg
File:2x06 - Canine Pepilepsy.jpgFile:2x06 - I Love Dogs with Epilepsy.jpgFile:2x06 - Love is Your Weapon of Choice.jpg
File:2x06 - We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady.jpgFile:2x07 - Demon Woman.jpgFile:2x07 - Oh Dance Baby.jpg
File:2x07 - Prime Minister.jpgFile:2x07 - Scarborough Fair.jpgFile:2x08 - Fashion is Danger.jpg
File:2x08 - New Zealand Town.jpgFile:2x09 - Wingmen.jpgFile:2x09 Wingmen.jpg
File:2x10 - Evicted.jpgFile:A Kiss is Not a ContractFile:A Kiss is Not a Contract-0
File:Albi The Racist DragonFile:AngelsFile:Arj-barker-650.jpg
File:Brahbrah2.jpgFile:Bret's Angry DanceFile:Bret-Bear.jpg
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File:BretMcKenzie.jpgFile:Business Time FOTCFile:Canine Pepilepsy
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File:Demetri.pngFile:Demon WomanFile:Do Australians Feel Love
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File:Femident ToothpasteFile:Flight of The Conchords - Petrov, Yelyena, and MeFile:Flight of the Conchords - Meeting Jim
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File:HBO Canada.pngFile:Hiphopopotamus vs. RhymenocerosFile:Hurt Feelings
File:Hurt Feelings (Reprise)File:I'm not cryingFile:I Love Dogs With Epilepsy
File:I Told You I was FreakyFile:If You're Into ItFile:Jemaine.jpg
File:Jemaineclemaine.jpgFile:Kristen.jpgFile:Leggy Blonde (Flight of the Conchords)
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File:Nz poster not aus.jpgFile:Oh, Dance BabyFile:Paula.jpg
File:Pencils In The WindFile:Randy Jones.pngFile:Rap (Is Not Very Good)
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